Category: Community Interventions

Youth Civic Center

A conversation on how we can use our voice and story to stand out. We talked about Omena’s story and answered to the question: “How do you know if you are being emotionally abused?” The answer is in the way a person makes you feel as a result of their behavior. If someone controls your…
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Child Guide

On this day right here, we did our very first intervention on self-love, understanding emotions and body safety with street kids taken care of by an organization called Child Guide. We taught the kids positive affirmations to repeat every day, based on a book produced by our partner Educate to empower. These kids were fast…
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Several women sitting, one woman leading group with tv screen.

Go Women Project

We wanted to discuss emotional abuse in relation to the continuous need for women empowerment. Studies have shown that women and children are more likely to be victims of emotional abuse compared to men, which can, unfortunately, lead to a barrier in future endeavors, jeopardizing their successes. As a matter of fact, psychological and verbal…
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