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Group of high school student dressed in brown uniform with Omena logo

Saint Francois Xavier high school

Here is about the intervention we carried out at the Saint Francois Xavier high school, on distinguishing healthy from unhealthy relationships! It was wonderful to speak to high school students about the importance of establishing healthy relationships, be that in friendships, at home or in romantic ones (especially at an age where they could be…
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Jean Joseph Rabearivelo High School

Both boys and girls were interested in this workshop, and it was quite special to see more boys speaking up on the topic of relationships and being actively engaged throughout the conversation – talk about redefining masculinity! At the end, the students completed a survey to provide us with feedback to be considered for future…
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Group of kids with Omena sign

CEG Ampefiloa

We had our second intervention on self-love, understanding emotions and body safety at the College d’Enseignement General (CEG) Ampefiloha, which would be the equivalent of a secondary school in North America. This time, we were focused on teenagers – which we strongly believe is an important intervention because it is around this age that insecurities…
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