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Go Women Project

We wanted to discuss emotional abuse in relation to the continuous need for women empowerment. Studies have shown that women and children are more likely to be victims of emotional abuse compared to men, which can, unfortunately, lead to a barrier in future endeavors, jeopardizing their successes. As a matter of fact, psychological and verbal…
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Women of Omena

???????? Arahabaina nahatratra ny andro iraisam-pirenena ho an’ny zon’ny Vehivavy! Misaotra an’i Denise nanoratra ity hira ity. Taguer-o i Denise ry zareo a! Tsara loatra ary manan-daja loatra ity hira ity! Mampiseho ny ady mafy andaloavan’ny vehivavy tsirairay … fa isika tsy manaiky ho resy! Mandroso hatrany! Mankahery ny vehivavy rehetra maneran-tany! ???? ???????? The…
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