Who we are

“Back in my country, Madagascar, the only form of abuse that I could recognize was physical abuse. Once in America, 5 years ago, I learned through my training as a Peer Educator that violence often begins with emotional abuse, gradually increasing to violent physical abuse. Through my research, I discovered I was not the only one with a limited definition of abuse. I started being passionate about the subject. I was mind blown by all the things I found out that I decided to share about it. That’s how “Omena” came about. ”

Francesca Raoelison, Founder of Omena


At Omena, we believe that the key to achieving our goal of breaking the cycle of emotional abuse in Madagascar is by providing education to students ages 6-18 in schools and colleges about emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, and body safety which help them spot red flags at a very young age and will in turn prevent emotional and verbal abuse to prevail.

We envision that schools in Madagascar include those modules in their curriculum.


Omena’s mission is to equip children with social and emotional intelligence tools, in hopes to build a more self-loving, self-aware, and empathic generation who ultimately foster healthy relationships and prevent abuse and violence in Madagascar.


Omena dreams about a more self-loving, emotionally self-aware generation – who ultimately foster healthy relationships and reduce emotional abuse in Madagascar.

What does Omena mean?

Omena is the only and first initiative tackling the problem of emotional abuse in Madagascar and our mission is built in our name and logo because Omena is a play of words in my native language:

-“Omena” means to give, provide

and “mena” means red!

So in this context, breaking the cycle of emotional abuse by providing students with tools so that they can spot the red flags ahead of time when it comes to unhealthy behaviors and relationships.


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